Compass Small Groups

The Christian life is designed to be lived in community that partners together for a purpose: being equipped to exalt Christ (Eph 4:1-16). The way we accomplish this type of inward growth, as disciples of Christ, is through small groups. The aim of small groups is the intentional expression of the ‘one another’ passages in the New Testament so that we experience the joy of true Christian community. This is achieved by cultivating an environment that promotes the transforming power of the Bible, deeper relationships, and the humility needed to serve Christ.

How will I grow?

– By preparing for and participating in weekly meetings designed to apply the previous Sunday’s message.

– By joining regular fellowship events in order to deepen relationships within the church.

– By engaging in monthly accountability meetings focused on pursuing Christlikeness.

– By exercising an area of service within the church.


Compass Small Groups meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights.

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