Infants-Threes – Play-N-Worship

The Play-N-Worship curriculum offers fun and engaging Bible lessons for our youngest CBC’rs.  Our “littles” are taught the same lesson for 5 weeks in a row before switching to a new topic.  Repetition is critical for learning at this stage of development so don’t be surprised when your toddler comes home stating the Bible truth that they have spent the last few weeks learning, “God made me!” or, “God takes care of me!” etc.

Four Year Olds-6th Grade – Generations of Grace

The Generations of Grace curriculum offers a survey of the entire Bible throughout the course of 3 years.  Beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation, our Compass Kids will receive an exciting look at the biblical narrative and will see God’s incredible plan of salvation in Christ Jesus that is woven throughout biblical history.

Infants-6th Grade – Compass Kids Music

Music is a powerful tool to utilize in teaching kids.  Our music team in Kids Ministry is committed to utilizing this powerful tool, in partnership with our dynamic Bible lessons, to teach children about who God is.  Each song is carefully and thoughtfully chosen to assure theological accuracy while also being fun and appealing for kids.

Whether your child is an infant, 6th grader, or anything in between, they will receive a time of music during every service.  While our youngest CBC’rs (infants-3s) stay in their classrooms for music time, our 4 year olds-6th graders participate in a corporate time of singing, dancing (hand motions) and learning about our great God.